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Bridging Loans arranged without fuss!

Fast bridging loans for any purpose. Whether you require funds for the purchase of a new property or need to raise capital against current assets, we can help. Here are some examples of where a bridging loan might be the best option; you can click on each heading for more information:

Purchase a new home when you have not yet sold your current home
Deposits & Balances for Holiday Homes and Properties Abroad
Capital Raise to clear urgent debts and demands for payment
Urgent Funds to clear mortgage arrears and avoid repossession
Raise money for unexpected business or personal opportunities

Bridging loans are available regardless of credit history, we can even lend to current bankrupts and people who are unemployed. Further information is available by clicking on the links at the top of the page or each heading above, you can also click on the apply on line links.

FREE CREDIT REPORT!! - Now more than ever it is important to know what your credit report looks like and how you can improve your credit file!

Please click on the banner to get your free credit report, you will need to enter a few details to sign up but please take the time to do this!

If you would like to email your report over to us, this should also make it easier for us to find the right financial product for you first time!
Think carefully about takinng out a bridging loan

The overall cost for comparison is 18% APR.
The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances.
Ask for a personalised illustration.